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Serving Ashland, Richland, Lorain & Wayne Counties Since 1980!

Serving Ashland, Richland & Wayne Counties Since 1980!

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


Protecting the Health of Your Home and Family

Be honest, when was the last time you changed the filter in your furnace? Maintaining the quality of the air within your home is one of the most overlooked and neglected aspects of personal care, but one of the easiest things to remedy. Your family is constantly exposed to and breathing the air in your home when they're sleeping, cooking, doing homework, watching television and exercising. If you wouldn't drink dirty/cloudy water from a used drinking glass, why is breathing dirty air any different? An advanced air filtration system will significantly reduce the amount of dust, pollen and pet dander in your home and provide relief from seasonal allergies. In addition to protecting hardwood floors and combating dry skin, a whole home humidifier could be the key to keeping your kids in school and you at work instead of home on the couch during flu season. An air purification or de-humidification system paired with proper fresh air ventilation will remove pet, smoke and mildew odors from your home and can help prevent dampness and mold formation. Indoor air quality is something every homeowner should take seriously and can make a significant impact on the quality of life for your entire family.


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IAQ Products and Services We Provide:

  • Whole Home Humidification
  • Steam Humidifiers
  • Bi-Polar Ionization (iWave)
  • Whole Home De-Humidifiers
  • Air Filtration (MERV 8, 11 & 16)
  • Air Purification (HEPA, UV, Coated Inserts)
  • Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs)
  • Dryer and Range Hood Vents
  • Restroom & General Exhaust Fans
  • Radon Testing and Mitigation

Financing Available

We know many people don't have an emergency stash for unexpected home repairs. We are happy to be able to offer a variety of attractive rates and programs to split your investment into more manageable monthly payments. Let one of our comfort advisors know you're interested in financing and they'll be happy to guide you through the simple online application process, or better yet, click below and get pre-approved today!

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