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Serving Ashland, Richland, Lorain & Wayne Counties Since 1980!

Serving Ashland, Richland & Wayne Counties Since 1980!

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Water Treatment & Filtration





Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Buying bottled water because you can't drink out of the tap? Are you unable to buy white clothes because they're brown after the first time they go through the wash? How about water spots on dishes and silverware? Finally, are you constantly having to clean the shower and toilet to remove the rust stains?

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Fortunately, Comfort Control carries a full line of fantastic water treatment and filtration products made locally here in Ashland, OH. Additionally, an entire suite of Smart Water Treatment devices provide leak detection and protection for your home by automatically shutting off the water in the event of significant leak (i.e the hot water tank fails) or if you just forgot to turn off the sprinkler. Comfort Control will provide a complimentary water test analysis to determine whether we have a piece of equipment that can make your home's water perfect! 

Leaky Water Heater

Types of Water Treatment & Accessories We Service, Install and Repair:

  • Two-Tank Water Softeners
  • Cabinet Water Softeners
  • City Softeners
  • Carbon Filtration
  • Iron & Sulfur Aeration Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Whole Home Water Protection Devices
  • Leak Detection
  • Brine Tanks



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